Innovations: Patents by Westfield Outdoors®

Here at Westfield Outdoors®, we believe innovation is the key to finding success in the outdoor industry. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create products aimed at taking the worry out of outdoor experiences by solving issues through innovation.


All proprietary Westfield Outdoor® designs, products and innovations are protected by exclusive U.S patents that are only to be used by our company, brands, and partners. Infringement upon these patents can be punishable by legal action. The list of patents and patents pending below are all trademarked and owned by Westfield Outdoor, Inc.®


The list includes, but is not limited to:

Patent numbers:

  • US8820825B2

  • US8893737

  • US9668586B2

  • US D706,050 S

  • US D706,049 S

  • US9538840B2

  • US9173461B2

  • US9402467B2

  • US9370246B2

  • US9565948B2

  • US9856673B2

  • US2018/0038127A1

  • US2016/0286963A1

  • US2017/0181547A1

  • US9930966B2

  • US9738298B1

  • US9073564

  • US8944510

  • US2014182643(A1)

  • US8419134(B1)

  • US9211897


For more information about Westfield Outdoors® or our list of patents, head over to the Contact Us page to get in touch.