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Forge Creek Hunting Products


 Partnered with True Timber®

Forged for:
The True Hunter

Forge Creek™ is more than a brand—it's a way of life. We’re a team of hunters that have obsessed over perfecting our craft for years. We know what it’s like to spend hours in a treestand deep in the wilderness waiting for that trophy buck to walk by.


We’ve forged through thick brush and creeks and over miles of hills just to track the perfect Tom. We feel at home deep in the woods. Surrounded by pines or an aspen grove. At home on the hunt.


Forged by:
Real Experiences

At Forge Creek™, we don't just understand these moments; we live for them. And have actually lived them. When designing our products, we think of waiting in deafening silence on a frosty morning as the world wakes up around us.


Through the chirps or the rustling of squirrels you hear the footsteps of a monster buck near your tree stand or your blind. In these moments, we know having the right gear can change the outcome of this story. Our brand was born out of a passion for the hunt, tailored for those who share our call to the wild.


Forged through:
Legacy, Tradition

We know that hunting is bigger than a hobby or pastime. It’s about the camaraderie. The legacy. The story. Forge Creek™ was built to honor these principles. When we started envisioning what this brand would be, we thought back to nights around the campfire, sharing stories of past adventures. Whether that’s recounting the time that legendary buck just got away or when you and your buddies all bagged a turkey that one special weekend in late fall.

We appreciate hunters and this community. And we know for many out there, hunting is a legacy passed down through generations of family.


Through our brand, we want to give you the gear you need to make these types of memories and carry on the tradition.  



From the Field to the Forge: Products and Gear Built by Hunters

At Forge Creek™, our products were designed and built by real hunters. That isn't just a line, it's the honest truth. 


All of our products and gear were meticulously crafted with real hunting applications in mind. We leaned on our own successes and failures in the field to create gear that hunters actually need. 

That means everything in our design process from sketching out early ideas for products to materializing, prototyping and reviewing samples, was conducted by actual hunters taking what they learned in the field and applying it in the forge. 

Check out the images below for a behind the scenes look into our design process. 



Packs and bags


Icon pro waist pack


Icon pro day pack



icon pro comfort blind chair


icon pro premium blind chair



icon pro spike tent


icon pro base camp tent

the forge creek team

ben clark

Product Designer

Ben Clark is a dedicated product designer with more than 15 years of experience in the outdoor industry. His expertise shines in the meticulous craft of designing and developing backpacks and soft goods, a journey that has been fueled by his genuine passion for hunting.

In the wild is where Ben finds solace and excitement, especially in the art of bowhunting and fishing. From the precision of whitetail pursuits to the rugged adventures of backpack elk hunts and the thrill of turkey hunting, each experience and adventure inspires his work.

Beyond the professional realm, Ben is a creator at heart. Within the confines of his home forge, he brings custom knives and tools to life, infusing them with a touch of artistry and functionality. He also has a passion for painting, drawing, woodworking, and photography.

This new hunting brand, Forge Creek™, is a testament to years of hard work, collaboration, and a wealth of experiences. It’s the culmination of a dedication to craft products that resonate intimately with the needs of hunters. Join us as we redefine the standards of outdoor gear and create a legacy of enduring craftsmanship.


andy fulton

Product Mananger

Andy Fulton is an avid and true outdoorsman. He has more than 42 years dedicated to hunting and angling pursuits with an expertise spanning a diverse range of game from whitetail deer, turkey, elk, antelope, bear, mule deer, ducks, doves, to upland birds. Proficient in archery, rifle, and muzzleloader disciplines, Andy has honed his skills over years of practice.


For seven years, Andy has provided professional guidance to hunting enthusiasts, specializing in whitetail deer and turkey expeditions. This tenure propelled him into the outdoor industry, where he’s spent over a decade contributing as a product developer and marketing professional. Starting with archery and crossbow markets, Andy’s contributions expanded to include optics, hunting, and fishing gear.


Simultaneously, his passion for angling has thrived for 25 years, engaging in fly fishing for trout and salmon across diverse North American landscapes—from inland lakes to premium rivers and streams.


Driven by a profound love for the outdoors and a keen understanding of the market landscape, Forge Creek Hunting™ was born. This brand’s mission revolves around providing access to superior-quality gear at affordable prices, ensuring durability, performance, and equipping hunters with reliable tools that enhance their outdoor experiences.


Through a dynamic blend of field expertise in hunting and fishing, coupled with an extensive background in product development, Andy’s aim is to elevate the outdoor pursuits of fellow enthusiasts. Join us in navigating the “true” wilderness armed with gear crafted from a fusion of expertise, passion, and a commitment to excellence.

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