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Preparing for Camping Season

There might still be snow on the ground, but just around the corner is a beautiful green wilderness, ripe for a new series of outdoor adventures. You might have cleverly stowed your gear in an organized fashion in the basement or attic; but over the winter, stuff gets piled on and moved around. While you have slumbered, the cobwebs have formed over last year’s frivolities. Timber Ridge® would like to give you a few helpful pointers on preparing for the upcoming camping season.

Start with a Gear Inventory

If you’re venturing out into the wild again, you need to make sure you’ve got all the tent poles, batteries, and first aid supplies covered. Dig out the pile of gear and take an inventory of equipment. Does your tent still have all the parts? Is your flatware set missing a few plates? Make a list of all the equipment needed and check it off to make sure you don’t come up short when you get to the campsite. And when making the list, you’ll want to consider where you’re camping, with details like the terrain, rules of the park, climate, and the indigenous animal life. These factors play into whether you need to bring wood for your fire, or bear canisters for your food.

Check the Condition of Your Gear

Nobody wants to sleep in a mosquito-filled tent or a mildew-covered sleeping bag. Take the time to check over the materials and parts of your gear, like for holes in the tent mesh, rust on the camp stove, or splits, bends, or breaks in the table legs and tent poles. You want to make sure your equipment is in good working condition before you take it for a spin. And whether it was packed still damp from last year, or its age is catching up to it, repairing or replacing it might be necessary. This mild headache on a Saturday will save you from a full-blown migraine of a camping trip.

Get the Skinny on Your Campsite

Now that your gear’s checked and ready for use, you should do some preliminary research on the parks or campgrounds you’ll be occupying. You’ve already looked a little into the climate and ecology when you checked off your gear, but you’ll want to know any guidelines a park has for things like campfires, waste disposal, or the more…organic waste disposal when nature calls. Some places will have clean water available to campers, or even showers and lavatory facilities. Learn what weather conditions you’ll face, and even check for any landmarks or natural features you might want to explore, like a lake for swimming, or scenic hiking trails. The more you know, the safer, smoother, and more fun your trip will be.

The Wilderness is Calling…

Now that you’ve got your gear in order and done some homework on the campsite, you’re ready to have a good time in the great outdoors. So, slather on the sunscreen and get back in touch with nature.

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