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10 Great Tailgating Products to Get you Gameday Ready this Fall

As summer winds down and the leaves begin to turn, for many people (myself included) this means one thing: football season.

And whether you’re into college or the pros or even high school football, one of the best aspects of this time of year is tailgating. That’s because there’s nothing better than cheering your team to victory and spending time outdoors in the fall with a grill, drinks and good friends.

This year, to help you get the most out of your tailgate experience, Timber Ridge® is here to show you a few products that can help take your tailgate experience to the next level.

In this blog, we’ll talk about grilling gear, chairs and other items you’ll want to add to your gameday arsenal.

So, pack your cooler, grab your favorite chair, put on that lucky jersey and get ready to learn how to dominate tailgating season this fall.

But first, we should probably answer a quick question:

What makes a product good for tailgating?

Before we talk about products, it might be helpful to discuss the criteria we’re using. In our eyes, perfect products for tailgating come down to three main points:

  • Portability: When you’re packing for tailgating, much like camping, it’s important to use space wisely. That’s why we love compact items that won’t take up much space when transporting. Folding, collapsing, lightweight and easy to carry items are great for tailgating.

  • Ease of setup: No matter how awesome a product is, if it takes too long to setup (or tear down) is it worth it to bring tailgating? I don’t know about you, but when we head to the tailgating lots, we want to spend more time having fun and less time setting up products.

  • Functionality: This point is a little harder to quantify. What we’re looking for are products that improve on existing ones or offer something completely different to make your tailgate experience better. While your trusty folding quad chair might still get the job done, aren’t you at least somewhat curious what else is out there?

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s talk products.

Comfort Food: Chairs and Grilling Gear to Elevate Gameday

For my money, there's not much that's better than a day spent outside in the crisp fall air hanging out at a tailgate. And two must-haves for an occasion like that is a comfy chair and good eats. So, with that in mind let's talk seating options and grilling gear.

Chair Ideas to Add Comfort and Functionality to your Next Tailgate

The folding chair has come a long way. Gone are the days of just your standard folding camp chair. These days, outdoor enthusiasts can choose from director’s chairs, rockers, swing seats, pod chairs and much, much more.

With that being said, a few chairs from Timber Ridge® that fit the bill include the Fraser Deluxe Bungee Chair, the Cedar Loveseat and the Hammock Chair.

First up, we've got the Fraser Deluxe Bungee Chair. With improvements over standard camp chairs like hard armrests and a bungee suspension system for maximum comfort, this compact gameday seating option crushes the competition. It's also designed with a cup holder to keep a refreshment within reach and a durable steel frame that holds up to 300 pounds.

The next chair we're highlighting is the Cedar Loveseat. This chair is perfect for cozying up with your special (tailgating) someone. It features a roomy, two seat design with individual cup holders and a weight capacity of 300 pounds for both seats.

The final seating option we'll cover is our Hammock Chair. This chair combines the relaxing swaying motion of a hammock with the convenience of a folding camp chair. It's also designed with an oversized, padded seating area and integrated metal bars for ideal comfort and support.

Gameday Grilling Products: Cook up a Good Time

Planning and executing a gameday menu can be a difficult task, but it doesn't have to be. Most experienced tailgate chefs know having a proper setup can help turn a hectic cooking experience into a smooth operation. As you can see in the photos below, Timber Ridge® has several products perfect for gameday grilling.

The above photos feature two of our most versatile and functional products we make: the Robinia Quick Fold Pantry and the Poplar Camp Table.

The pantry is perfect for storing/organizing items like spices, sauces, buns and anything else you need when grilling, while the hard tabletop is perfect for holding food or as a prep area.

Next up is the camp table, which is the perfect product for creating an all-in-one tailgating cooking configuration. Large enough to hold something like a small portable grill on top, but also featuring two side tables, this product is can be used in a multitude of ways.

Another must-have for any tailgate is a good quality table. Take for instance, this adjustable folding table from Timber Ridge®, available on Amazon. Featuring a compact, roll-top design, this table sets up quickly and is perfect for giving your tailgating guests a spot to eat or as a large, stable serving spot for food.

And of course, one of the great aspects of all of these tailgate cooking products is they fold down compactly for space-saving transportation and storage.

Now that we've got chairs and grilling products covered, let's move on to a few more items that can make a big difference on gameday.

Honorable Mentions: The Best of the Rest

In this section, we'll cover a few additional items that might help make your gameday run even smoother.

First up is a way to add some charging ability or power to your tailgate. For that, one of Westfield's other brands, Power Ridge® has you covered with two options to choose from: the X-300 Power Station or the smaller X-100 Power Bank.

The X-300, pictured below, is perfect for instances when you need to add some serious power to your tailgate. Whether you want to ensure your guests have a spot to charge their phones, run lights or even a TV to stay up to date on the games, this Power Station has you covered.

For a smaller charging option, check out the X-100, ideal for tossing in your bag and ensuring you always have juice for those gameday selfies!

The final products we'll cover will make hauling your tailgating gear even easier. We're talking, of course, about wagons. Timber Ridge® has a few options to choose from, but the first one we'll highlight is the Multifunction High Capacity Wagon.

This quad folding wagon sets up quickly and features an adjustable handle for easy towing. It is also designed with a large basket to provide you with plenty of room to haul all your important items to and from the tailgate.

Finally, the last product we'll highlight is the Laburnum Tailgate Wagon. This aptly named wagon doesn't technically get its moniker for how great it is for tailgating, but rather because of an innovative feature: the fold down tailgate.

This feature makes hauling longer/larger items easier by providing extra room at the back of the wagon, which is perfect for gear like shade tents, chairs and other tailgating must-haves. And just like the previous product, the quad folding design means this wagon folds down compactly for easy storage and transportation.

Are you ready for some football?

Hopefully this tailgate season is full of good times with good friends and plenty of victories from your favorite team. And whether you choose Timber Ridge® products or items from any other company, we also hope this blog helped you get some ideas about items to add to your tailgating arsenal. For more information about our available products, check out our online store

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