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Rockers, Bounce Seating and Hammock Chairs: Take Relaxation to Another Level with Timber Ridge®

Is there anything better than relaxing around a campfire? At Timber Ridge® we don’t think so. But these days, outdoor aficionados have more choices than ever when it comes to types of chairs to kick back in and enjoy nature.

That’s right. Gone are the days of standard camping chairs, metal folding chairs or parking it on a tree stump. Thanks to ingenious designs from leading manufacturers, you can now rock, bounce and swing your way to relaxation whether you’re in the wild or on your back porch.

In this blog, we’re going to give you a rundown of those three types of (relatively) new and popular chairs.

So, take a seat and get ready to learn.

First up, let’s talk about rocker camping chairs:

Rock(er) and Roll: Are Camping Rockers Right for You?

The rocking chair is one of the oldest chair designs out there. In fact, according to historians, the earliest rocking chairs first appeared in England in 1725. But despite this tried and true design, portable rocking chairs for camping and other outdoor activities have only been widely available for the past few years.

But now, nearly every outdoor store or retailer carries at least a few models of these types of chairs. The two types of rocking chairs we’re going to cover are standard curved feet rockers and fixed motion rockers, sometimes referred to as "bounce" or "gliding" chairs.

An example of a standard rocker would be the Catalpa Relax and Rock Chair from Timber Ridge®, as you can see below.

Thanks to excellent design and engineering, this chair sets up easily and create a natural rocking motion and lean back position.

Next up are the fixed-motion chairs. A couple examples from the Timber Ridge® product line, which are pictured below, would be the Mulberry Bounce Chair and the White Ash Gliding Director’s chair. Rather than relying on the curved feet design for motion, these chairs have built-in mechanisms that create rocking, bouncing and gliding motions.

The Mulberry Bounce Chair features a one-of-a-kind spring built-in to the feet of the chair that creates the relaxing rocking and bouncing motion.

The White Ash Gliding Director’s Chair boasts an expertly engineered gliding frame that lets you sway and rock wherever you are.

Still not convinced these types of chairs are worth adding to your outdoor arsenal? Here are a few more advantages to motion chairs:

  • Designed for relaxation: Just like their more standard folding chair counterparts, outdoor rocking chairs boast one clear advantage – added relaxation. A rocking, gliding or bouncing motion is proven to help calm and relax.

  • Increased comfort: In addition to relaxing motion, these types of chairs also offer increased comfort when compared to more standard camping chairs. From padded armrests and increased seat and back tension to mesh backing and a sturdier design, these types of chairs are going to be lightyears ahead of your standard folding chair in terms of comfort.

  • Still portable: While it’s true, folding rocking chairs might take up a bit more space and are going to be heavier than your average folding camping chair, they’re still relatively portable. Most models fold up or collapse, include a carry bag and are made with lightweight yet sturdy materials to make transporting and storing easier.

Swing Seats: Combine Hammock Comfort with Camping Chair Ease

For anyone that’s ever taken a midday snooze in a hammock, you know they’re nearly unrivaled when it comes to comfort. However, a hammock requires trees for ideal setup and aren’t necessarily the most portable. Wouldn’t it be great if we could combine a hammock’s comfort with the portability of a camping chair?

Well, you’re in luck.

The last type of chair we’re going to highlight is the swing or hammock chair. These chairs are the perfect mix of a hammock and a camping chair.

For an example of this type of chair, check out the Timber Ridge® Folding Hammock Chair. Pictured below, this chair features a sturdy, yet lightweight steel frame and a nylon fabric sitting area.

Simply clip the sitting area on the frame and you’ve got the comfort of a hammock without needing two perfectly placed trees for a typical hammock or a place to anchor for a hanging hammock chair.

This chair allows you to swing, recline and even lay back and look up at the stars wherever you are. Its lightweight, folding design also makes it extremely portable! If you’re looking for an improvement on your typical camping seating, this chair might be perfect for you.

Explore Your Possibilities

Hopefully this blog has introduced you to a few different types of chairs you can add into your camping arsenal. The great thing about the outdoor industry is companies, including Timber Ridge®, are constantly experimenting with new designs that add comfort and fun to your camping and outdoor experience. If you’re interested in the Timber Ridge® versions of these types of chairs, check out Shop Westfield Outdoors® to add comfort to your next outdoor adventure.

See Our Chairs in Action!

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