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Timber Ridge® Bounce Chair Wins 2024 Camping Furniture Product of the Year

Westfield Outdoors® is thrilled to announce that our Timber Ridge® Bounce Chair has been named the 2024 Camping Furniture Product of the Year by the Outdoor Innovation Awards!

This prestigious recognition highlights the unique features and exceptional comfort that set the Timber Ridge® Bounce Chair apart. Among the standout features that helped our chair take home this award is its one-of-a-kind FlowMotion™ spring technology, providing a gentler rocking and bouncing motion. Extensive testing has shown that this natural motion delivers a significantly more comfortable and relaxing sitting experience than other products on the market.

This innovative rocking motion also remains reliable on various outdoor surfaces, ensuring unparalleled comfort even during extended periods of sitting. Designed with durability and comfort in mind, the chair boasts a powder-coated steel frame and robust 600D polyester construction, elevating the camping experience to new heights.

Perfect for camping, tailgating, or just relaxing in your own backyard, this chair is the ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts seeking ultimate comfort and convenience. The gentle bounce motion enhances the sitting experience and offers a unique way to unwind around the campfire with friends and family. With foam-padded armrests for increased comfort and a tension seating area to prevent leg fatigue, every aspect of the chair is meticulously designed with the camper's comfort in mind.

Want to learn more about what makes this chair so special? Check out a deeper dive on the features below.

Key Features of the Award-Winning Timber Ridge® Bounce Chair:

  • FlowMotion™ technology: The foldable chair has hidden springs in the base to provide a gentle rocking action. Our Bounce Chair features a unique design that replaces the traditional curved structure with two patented spring-loaded shocks. This innovative approach provides a more natural rocking motion and significantly enhances the chair's stability on various types of terrain.

  • Customizable comfort: Foam-padded arms provide sturdy support while you’re settling in or getting up, making it perfect for those who have trouble with stationary camp chairs. For added convenience, the chair includes a hidden pocket for storing essentials like phones or keys, making it perfect for any outdoor adventure.

  • Premium material: With a solid and high-quality design that holds up to 300 pounds, the chair features durable materials such as a powder-coated steel frame and high-denier polyester fabric, elevating comfort to the next level.

  • Compact design for maximum portability:  Say goodbye to the hassle of carry bags! The Bounce Chair features a compact design with built-in carry handles directly attached to the frame. This thoughtful feature allows campers to effortlessly lift and transport the chair, making it ideal for any outdoor adventure.

"The Timber Ridge® Bounce Chair marks a new milestone in camping furniture, blending innovation, comfort, and durability to elevate outdoor experiences," Westfield Outdoors® CEO Charlie Cai said. "We are thrilled to receive this esteemed award and remain committed to inspiring and innovating for outdoor enthusiasts around the globe."

For more information about Westfield Outdoors® and our suite of brands, including Timber Ridge®, please visit our corporate website at To learn more about our award-winning bounce chair or to make a purchase, visit our product page today!

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