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Glamping vs. Camping: Which One's For You?

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Where Nature Meets Luxury: Explore the World of Glamping

Are you a camper or a glamper? Whether you're a passionate adventurer or simply enjoy serene walks amidst nature's beauty, you can find something about staying in the great outdoors that you will love. Tent camping entails bringing your own tent and setting it up in a secluded location to experience nature in its simplistic form. However, roughing it may not be your cup of tea. That's where glamping, or glamorous camping, comes in as a growing trend in the outdoor world.

What's Considered Glamping?

Glamping, short for glamorous camping, combines elements of camping with luxurious amenities and accommodations, so people can experience the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort and convenience. One of the key distinctions between camping and glamping is the endless lodging options. The term "glamping" encompasses a wide array of adventure styles where individuals have the opportunity to sleep under the stars in a comfortable and home-like environment. Glamping provides a luxurious camping experience where individuals stay in semi-indoor accommodations instead of traditional tents or sleeping bags. Unlike regular camping, glamping offers a range of indoor amenities such as comfortable beds, access to electricity, and, in some cases, indoor plumbing facilities. You have the freedom to select accommodations like a yurt furnished with a double bed and a wood-burning stove, or a beach hut that opens directly onto a stunning shoreline.

Here are some common forms of glamping:

  • Airstreams: Stationary travel trailers are trending for their compact footprint and an experience that merges luxury RVs with tiny houses. The renovated trailers provide luxurious and comfortable accommodations featuring electricity, bathrooms, kitchenettes, and a charming retro ambiance.

Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash

  • Cabins: You’ve no doubt seen these in the movies, rustic cabins perched in some exotic locations and camping sites. These cottages often include features such as private bathroom, kitchenettes, mattress and bed linens.

Photo by Ron Lach

  • Yurts: Circular tents were traditionally used by nomadic people in Central Asia. Modern glamping yurts offer a slightly more rustic glamping experience compared to other options, yet they are relatively affordable and easily built. They often feature comfortable furnishings and insulation for various climates.

  • Tepees: Traditionally used by Native American tribes, these conical tents now often feature comfortable beds, hand-crafted wood furniture, and sometimes even include amenities like kitchenettes and private bathrooms.

  • Treehouses: No matter what age you are, there’s something inherently appealing about tree houses. These elevated structures offer unique and elevated views of the surroundings, creating a sense of being immersed in the canopy of trees.

  • Bubble Domes: Inflatable tents that are transparent and complete with beds, bathrooms and spectacular sky views have joined the glamping universe in countries like Thailand and Iceland. In addition to glamping, many people also use a bubble tent as a backyard gathering place, or even a fashionable plant greenhouse.

Photo by Jonas Dücker on Unsplash

  • Safari Tents: Inspired by the canvas tents used by early adventurers in Africa, the safari-style tent has become an iconic symbol of glamping. These tents are often spacious and well-equipped, featuring comfortable beds and amenities like wood-burning stove and en-suite bathrooms.

What does it mean to go glamping?

If you're wondering whether to embark on a glamping excursion or opt for a less refined camping adventure, each has its own unique advantages and qualities to enjoy. Curious about how glamping works? The glamping experience can vary depending on the location, price point, and individual preferences. Ultimately, the choice depends on what type of experience is right for you and your group. If you're willing to forgo some amenities in favor of a more nature-based experience, then camping may be for you. Or if your must-have checklist includes items like a proper mattress, access to running water, or a functioning toilet, then glamping could be the solution. It's important to determine in advance the desired goal for your trip and the kind of experience that would best suit you and your family's needs.

With the rising popularity of glamping, various brands are introducing an array of glamping resorts. a significant number of glampers opt for "glamping resorts" that are specifically designed to cater to this unique style of camping. While certain publicly managed lands, such as state parks and national forests, are beginning to develop glamping sites, the majority of glamping locations can be found within privately managed campgrounds and glamping franchises. Here are a few renowned options that have gained significant popularity.

Under Canvas
Collective Retreats
  • Cost: Reserving a glamping adventure with Collective Retreats spans from $269 to $700, with costs varying on factors like location, room type, amenities, and the season.

  • Originating in Wolcott, Colorado, and Big Sky, Montana, Collective Retreats has since extended its presence to Wimberley, Texas, and Ghent, New York. These sites are conveniently situated near parks and popular outdoor destinations. Additionally, an urban retreat is available on New York's Governors Island, accessible exclusively by ferry.


  • Cost: Staying at an AutoCamp facility ranges in price from $130 to over $300, varying according to the chosen site and the amenities provided. The Airstreams, often pricier due to their private bathrooms, are a popular choice.

  • AutoCamp's sought-after glamping destinations are set against picturesque landscapes, conveniently located near renowned sites such as Yosemite National Park, Russian River Valley, Catskills mountains, and the enchanting shores of Cape Cod.

Glamping Tips with Kids

According to the North American Glamping report, among those intrigued by the prospect of glamping, 75 percent seek an experience that offers activities suitable for both children and adults. Additionally, 62 perfect of glampers choose to embark on their adventure accompanied by young children.

Whether you're a seasoned camping enthusiast or someone new to the concept of glamping, there are options available for everyone. promotes a range of outdoor activities such as ATV excursions, jet skiing, safari tours, rafting and even dog sledding. You can utilize a pre-made travel guide to plan your glamping trip or customize it according to your preferences. Glamping accommodation options vary with individual glamping sites, meaning that what you'll need to pack for your glamping trip can differ greatly based on the time of the year and what's included in your stay. Camping culture has definitely gotten more chic and you can get durable and functional camping gear that looks great too.

Now that we've defined what glamping is, let's take a look at some products that will take your next outdoor adventure from roughing it to relaxing.

Here are some gear recommendations for your next glamping getaway:

1. Sleep in style: A great glamping experience begins with a tough, durable and spacious tent. Made from durable canvas, this Timber Ridge® 6 Person Glamping Tent is waterproof and built to withstand some serious weather. It also features an aspirational teepee design for spacious and comfortable glamping.

2. Ditch the sleeping bag: Leave the constricting, noisy sleeping bag at home and get a good night's rest in any positions by putting this adjustable cot in your tent. This Timber Ridge® Juniper Adjustable Heavy Duty Folding Camp Cot is the perfect companion when you want to pack easily during the summer months when temperatures don’t really drop. The thick foam padding and adjustable rachet backrest are designed for ultra-comfort.

3. Prepare with your cook station: Once you are at the site, you can have a nice leisurely meal or prepare a more gourmet meal. With three heat-resistant melamine top and mesh storage cover, Timber Ridge® Poplar Camp Table is designed to keep your camping kitchen organized in one place.

4. Swing in the breeze: In my opinion, a comfortable camping chair is one of the most important elements of camping. Sink into swaying contentment in this Timber Ridge® Folding Hammock Chair, while enjoying the chair's stylish design.

Get to Glamping: Camp in Comfort and Style

Hopefully this blog has shed some light on glamping or given you some ideas of how to add maximum comfort to your next camping trip. Whether you're an outdoor aficionado or a newbie, Westfield Outdoors® and our suite of brands have the products you need to make the most of your adventures. So, if you're looking for more gear for your next camping trip, head on over to Shop Westfield Outdoors®!

See the Timber Ridge® 6-Person Teepee in Action!

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