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The Many Uses of Camp Pantries: Hint … They’re Not Just for Camping

In this blog, we wanted to highlight a sometimes-overlooked product that we here at Westfield Outdoors® wanted to give its moment in the sun. We’re talking, of course, about the humble Camp Pantry.

This product, understandably, is usually thought of as an accessory to a camping trip — they are often called “camp pantries” after all. But we’re here to tell you these wonderful products can be an organizational tool used in a variety of ways.

So, with that idea, we wanted to write a blog outlining a few of the ways we think a camp (outdoor?) pantry might help you stay organized and make the most of your next adventure.

What is a Camp Pantry?

A camp pantry, which goes by other names like a campsite organizer, camping storage cabinet, and more, is an item that adds storage, organization and functionality to wherever it's set up.

Take for instance, the Robinia Quick Fold Pantry from Timber Ridge®.

This product features a large, three-tiered internal storage system with hard shelving perfect for organizing items. It also has a hard tabletop which provides a stable workstation whether you’re prepping food for dinner at the campsite or need extra space for snacks and drinks at a tailgate. It is also lightweight and folds down compactly making it easy to take with you and store.

And depending on the manufacturer or brand you go with, you’ll find there are tons of different styles and sizes of these products to choose from. But now that we’ve covered the general features of this product, lets go into some other uses.

Master your Grilling Mise en Place with an Outdoor Pantry

We briefly touched on this in a previous blog post, but many of the products we make aren’t just for camping, they are also perfect for adding comfort, style, and functionality to outdoor events like a cookout or barbecue.

And perhaps no product more appropriately fits that bill than the camp pantry. Think of this outdoor pantry as the hub for your grilling operation. Use the shelves to separate and organize items you’ll need like spices, oils/cooking spray, plates, prep bowls, and much more. That way, you’ll never be fumbling or searching for anything while your grill is fired up.

The lightweight design also makes it super easy to move the pantry near your grill or smoker of choice. The hard tabletop also creates a perfect spot to hold the next round of burgers until they are ready to throw on. It can also act as a spot for you to serve up food to your guests as it’s coming off the grill with plenty of room for fixins’.

So, whether you’re a seasoned grill vet or you’re looking to get started hosting summers BBQs, our outdoor pantry is sure to make things a little easier and organized.

Gameday Organization: Stay Ready on the Sideline

If you’re a parent to active, sports obsessed kids then you might consider your home away from home the youth sports sideline. Whether you’re at an all-day baseball tournament at the athletic complex near your house or a travel volleyball tournament a couple states away, staying calm and organized on gameday can be a winning combination.

And what better way to help you keep everything in check than an outdoor pantry? Think of the pantry as the sideline hub to house everything you need to keep your little athletes performing at a high level. Much like using the pantry as a grill organizer, the multiple internal hard shelves provide a perfect place for storing snacks, drinks, first aid items, sunscreen, and anything else. Then, the hard top is the perfect place to keep a water bottle within reach for quick sideline hydration between games or to get orange slices ready for postgame powerups.

Keep your Tent Tidy: Organize your Living Area

For this section, we’re transitioning into more of a traditional use for this type of product, but we felt it was still worthy of inclusion. That is, instead of using the pantry outside to hold cooking/camping gear, how about using it inside your tent as an organizer/bedside table? As you can see in the picture below, we’ve got the pantry set up between two cots making it a perfect place to store clothes, shoes, electronics, or anything else you might need organized and accessible at a moment’s notice. You can use the hard tabletop to store phones, alarm clocks, reading material, and other devices within arm’s reach of where you’re sleeping.

The Pantry Possibilities are Endless

Here at Westfield Outdoors®, we love to see all the ways our products are used in real life scenarios. And with a product like the Timber Ridge® Robinia Camp Pantry, the possibilities are truly only limited by your imagination and personal needs. The hope is this blog helped spark some inspiration on how this type of product can be of use to you. Do you use a product like this in an interesting or different way? Or are you planning to, after checking out this blog? If so, make sure to let us know in the comments below or tag us on social media!

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