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Westfield Outdoors® receives Climate Action Award from REI

During REI’s annual meeting at the end of April, Westfield Outdoors® received the retailer’s Climate Action Award.

The Climate Action Award is a yearly honor given to one of the hundreds of suppliers REI works with. To be eligible for the award, a supplier must demonstrate a commitment to eco-friendly practices throughout the organization and manufacturing processes. Per REI, the exact award criteria states that a partner must:

  • Take leading action to measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions,

  • Demonstrate leadership in decarbonizing their manufacturing processes,

  • Reduce their overall environmental footprint, and

  • Uphold strong fair labor practices.

Based on the commitment to these practices, Westfield Outdoors® was selected as the 2023 award winner, chosen from a final list of four total companies.

Among the highlights of these efforts from Westfield Outdoors® were reducing CO2 emissions by 25,330 tons over a 2-year period from June 2020 to June 2022. This was accomplished due to number of additions/upgrades company-wide including:

  • Installation of more solar panel roofs,

  • Installation of wastewater recycling systems,

  • The use of recycled aluminum, and

  • The use of low temperature powder coating processes.

These commitments and changes throughout Westfield Outdoors® are part of a larger 10-year goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 4.2 percent per year, as seen on the graph below.

Westfield Outdoors® CEO Charlie Cai was on hand to accept the award and narrated a seven-minute presentation detailing the eco-friendly efforts of the company.

For more information about Westfield Outdoors® and the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, please visit

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